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Motorola g8 2020 sets new bang-for-buck-index
4.6Overall Score
Name: Motorola g8 2020
Price (RRP): $329
Manufacturer: Motorola

The Motorola g8 2020 sits in the middle of the good, better and best g8-series scenario. The g8 power lite at $279, the g8 at $329 and the g8 PLUS at $449.

Motorola g8 2020 ticks all the ‘money’ boxes.

We have detailed specs for all three here. I think Motorola has done a sterling job in packaging the Motorola g8 2020 – its eight generation – to offer the right mix for the Aussie mass-market.

That is not to say you should not spring for the g8 PLUS that we awarded 5/5. Sure, its 18W fast charge, 48MP (binned to 12MP) camera, NFC and 1080p screen are desirable – but not necessarily, well, necessary.

The g-series are Motorola’s bread and butter. Highly regarded as great fleet phones and typical customers shop at JB Hi-Fi or Office Works where they know they will get the genuine Australian model.

Review: Motorola g8 2020 Model XT2045-6 Dual Sim (the ‘6’ denotes Australian APAC certified)

  • Australian website here
  • Price: $329
  • Colours: Neon Blue or Pearl White
  • Warranty; 12-months ACL compliant
  • Comes with Bumper cover, 10W charger and buds
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Motorola is formerly an American smartphone company owned since 2014 by Chinese technology firm Lenovo. It is fair to say that the integration of the two companies is complete and Motorola has embarked on regaining its crown as a leading global smartphone maker.

Well, the action is heating up. Until recently you had to spend closer to $500 to get this specification, but as tech gets faster, cheaper and better, Motorola has managed to pack more in – bang-for-buck.

Warning: Only buy the genuine model XT2045-6. We name and shame the primary grey market and parallel importers here. Do not buy from Kogan/Dick Smith, MobileCity/MobileCity, Allphones, Amazon and eBay merchants, TobyDeals and many more.

Motorola g8 2020

We use fail, pass and exceed for each test paradigm. The Motorola g8 is as a mass-market smartphone where we expect offer good value with few compromises.

Screen – PASS

6.4” 20:9 1560×720, 19:9, 268 ppi, IPS – STBR 82.2, Teardrop

It is not the brightest screen (we estimate 400 nits maximum and 1500:1 contrast), so I suggest that you turn off Adaptive Brightness and just select the level you need. It is a colder blue/white offering Natural, Boosted and Saturated pre-sets. At maximum brightness, it is just daylight readable.

There is no screen protection

Processor – PASS+

Snapdragon 665 SoC 11nm, 4 x 1.8GHz A53 and 4 x 2GHz A73

It is a mid-range SoC with 3rd generation AI including 2D face unlock and triple-camera support. It incorporates an X12 LTE modem (600/150Mbps), Wi-Fi AC Wave 2 1×1 MIMO, BT 5.0/aptX and supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

But while the processor supports Wi-Fi AC and QC charging Motorola has not implemented these as it did in the g8 PLUS as for cost-saving reasons.

Geekbench single/multi 311/1360 meaning it performs as well as any other phone using this SoC, e.g. g8 PLUS, Realme 5, and OPPO A5/A9. It did not throttle at all.

RAM/Storage – PASS

4GB LPDDR4 and 64GB eMMC (47GB free) and Micro-SD to 512GB (shared slot with Sim 2).