8MP is a long way from those offering 20MP or more. But it is adequate with true colour and the option of using screen fill light. It does bokeh via a single lens using the SoCs processing power. Again, it’s adequate.

It has cinemagraph (captures seconds around each shot), portrait mode (bokeh), group selfie mode, YouTube Live mode, face beauty, manual mode, face filters and colour pop (select a single colour and rest is mono).


While it will do [email protected] and [email protected] the lack of OIS means going above [email protected] requires a tripod. EIS is evident as the SoC crops the shots to keep them looking unshaken! Colours and sound are good.

Camera software

You can read more about the camera modes here.

Cinemagraphs, portrait mode, spot colour, cut-out mode, face filters, panorama, manual mode, YouTube Live mode, landmark and object recognition (Google Lens), real-time text translator (Google Lens), text scanner, active photos, barcode and QR code scanner, business card reader.

GadgetGuy’s take

There is only one reason to buy the Moto Z3 Play – Moto Mods. To be fair to Motorola that is like saying if you are a farmer buy a tractor to plough the fields!

If you have a use, then this is a fine all-around smartphone. If you don’t have a use, then the Moto G6-Plus at $499 (review here) would be my choice. It too will also get Android Pie.

Me, I love the Moto Mods concept. It is one of the very few true innovations in ‘black glass slabs’. The Moto Z3 Play remains compatible with all earlier Moto Mods. And rumour has it that there will even be a 5G Moto Mod!

It ticks all the boxes as a standalone mid-range device but excels as a unique base for Moto Mods.

Motorola Z3 Play – Inspector GadgetGuy smartphone
Name: Motorola Z3 Play Price (RRP): $799 Manufacturer: Motorola
Good base for Moto Mods – unique in that regardAll day battery life (extend it with Mods)Competent camera but lacks OIS (ditto)Moto quality – well built, local supportGreat AMOLED screenPure Android and getting Android PieFree Moto Mod while stocks last!!!
Verging on a little expensive for the mid-range spaceIf you embrace multiple Mods it can be a costly exerciseNo formal IP rating
Value for money
Easy of Use
4.0Overall Score