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Mutrics claims virtual 5.1 sound that means Left/Centre/Right, Left/Right Up, and a sub. The claim is (impolitely) ‘hyperbole’.

The tiny speakers sit in the arms and give a decent left/right sound stage – separation is not as wide as over/on/in-the-ear phones but nor should you expect it to be.


But unlike the Bose where the sound appears to emanate from within your head, these have a far better L/R separation, and wider sound stage (music appears to come from outside your head), e.g. sound has more directionality.

It is not a ‘full’ sound that you would expect from over/on/in-the-ear headphones, but it is surprisingly listenable with good crisp vocals, just enough bass and treble.

We could not measure frequency response or volume as our test equipment is just not up to that task. So subjectively (using bass tracks, vocals, and symphony):

  • Low to mid-bass is non-existent (from 20-100Hz)
  • High Bass starts to kick in (100-200Hz)
  • Low mids are building (200-400Hz)
  • Mids are strong (400-1Khz)
  • High mids (clear voice) are strong (1-2kHz)
  • Low treble is there but recessed (2-4kHz)
  • Treble – almost gone (4-6kHz)
  • High treble and dog-whistle – non-existent (6-20Khz)

This is a mid-sound signature that is an OK for voice, podcasts and most music.

When walking in relatively quiet suburban areas, the sound is clear, although louder passing cars can drown out the volume. If you are in quieter surrounds its fine. It works well for hands-free calling.

We could not measure volume, but it is a little lower than the Bose. At full volume (approximately 80% Bose) it has a relatively clean sound.

Sound Summary: While it is not what you would expect from over/on/in-ear headphones, it is quite pleasant. Bose wins by a whisker here, but you would expect it to.

GadgetGuy’s take – Mutrics is part of this new soundglasses genre.

I think soundglasses are perfect for walking and if the lenses were right, office use too.

While Bose has brand credibility, Mutrics has the technology edge and its about two-thirds of the price. On that basis, it gets the tick and is a strong contender for Bose Frames.

Mutrics continues the soundglasses trend
Name: Mutrics Smart audio-enabled sunglasses Price (RRP): $US$129 Manufacturer: Mutrics
Open ear audio is good for walkersThree control buttons are easierSound is as good as it gets for soundglasses - particularly in aptX modeBT 5.0 and aptX is impressiveGreat battery life
Won’t replace your existing headphones – more supplement themUses a proprietary charge cableCould do with a little more volume - its not an issue
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.1Overall Score
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