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Our 50% volume test lasted just on 10 hours with a corresponding drop in battery life at higher volumes. Recharge time was under two hours.


The Google Home comes in a chalky white, and the LOFT base in carbon, snow or copper matches that perfectly. You remove the original slate fabric (over plastic) base (twist off) and slip in the speaker. The power base has an on-off switch.

Interestingly the perforated metal plate (over plastic) base does affect the sound signature. Where the original slate base (left) is almost acoustically transparent, LOFT has smaller and fewer holes that reduce bass that kicks in littl later around 200Hz.

GadgetGuy’s take

The Google Home is a competent speaker with plenty of volume and bass starting from 100Hz. It’s a bit weak from 4kHz (upper-mids) and in the treble, but overall it’s fine for music streaming. The LOFT does muffle that sound a little, but it is still pleasant.

Now the combined cost (if you buy the Home speaker) is around $170. JBL has waterproof Google Assistant speakers – the Link 10/20/300 at $149.10/209.20/244.30 (GadgetGuy review here) – our pick is the Link 20 for very good sound and ten-hour battery life.

That is not to take away from the LOFT as an addition to Google Home – if you have the speaker already. It allows you to take it outside to the patio and providing you are within Wi-Fi range, access Google services.

GadgetGuy summary: Ninety7 has specific use cases

Both the JOT and LOFT are fit for purpose and do what they state – add around 8+ hours portable battery life to the Google Mini and Home.

The use case depends on you having the speakers and requiring portability within Wi-Fi range if you want to retain Google Assitant functionality.

Ninety7 portable power bases for Google and Echo
Name: Ninety7 JOT and LOFT Price (RRP): $59.95/69/95 Manufacturer: Ninety7
Well-made and good qualityAdds around 8+ hours battery to an otherwise mains powered speaker
Users need the right use cases otherwise there are better options
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.2Overall Score
Reader Rating 1 Vote