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Nanoleaf Canvas – colour your world
4.5Overall Score
Name: Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Set
Price (RRP): $299
Manufacturer: Nanoleaf

The Nanoleaf Canvas is a cross between a piece of art and a light show – only you create the art and the light show as you want it.

Nanoleaf Canvas is part of the Nanoleaf world that includes triangular light and square intelligent light panels, and a range of high efficiency LED light bulbs.

What is Nanoleaf Canvas?

The Nanoleaf Canvas smarter kit (yes that is right – not starter) starts as a nine separate panels, each 150 x 150 x 9.5mm (expandable by adding more panels). One is a control panel with touch controls for power, +/- brightness, Shuffle and Rhythm – more on those features later.

Nanoleaf Canvas

Each panel connects by a flat linker (there are three linker slots per panel), and that means they need to abut each other. 240V power goes into any spare slot in the array. If you have more than 25 panels, just add another power supply.

Nanoleaf Canvas

Each panel has four sub-segments – a pleasing muted, full face, no bezel, white quartz effect. The RGB LEDs in each panel can reproduce 16.4 million colours, tones from 1200-6500K (warm to cool – degrees Kelvin) or brightness (nits not measured). If you know RGB Hex codes, you can even program them! All of this can go into custom scenes.

The smarter kit creates either a 3×3 square panel (450 x 450mm), a straight line 9×1 (150mm x 1.35m) or patterns like a V-shape (2 arms 750mm x 150mm), W-shape (450mm x 600mm) or half offsets.

Nanoleaf Canvas
Smarter kit has nine panels – resist making a square or rectangle at all costs.

Panel life is 25,000 hours and panels draw around 1W each maximum. The 42V/.57A (24W) adaptor supports up to 25 panels. One control panel can support up to 500 panels.

What is it for?

We said ‘art and light’ so think of it as a permanent home or office decoration that supplements your art collection!

The ideal user will need a space that needs brightening up – the only caveat is there must be a 240V power point nearby, and it needs Wi-Fi connection to use the app and voice control.

But more than a light show it could be a reading panel or even an overhead light panel. You can also add scenes to brighten when you want to wake up or light up when you are away.

Nanoleaf Canvas

It is permanent in that when you place it on a painted wall in your chosen pattern using the Nanoleaf double-sided mounting tape – it is there to stay. You can get special mounting frames made as well.

Why the detail?

Because as we found during the review deciding what shape to make and where it goes is more important because once it is in place, it is permanent – or risk pulling the paint off the wall as we did! It will stick to tiles, glass and nonporous surfaces but do not try it on brick or oiled timber etc.

We (my wife and I) searched online for Nanoleaf Canvas (Google Search and select images) and found hundreds of images – no boring square boxes for us! We also found a space near where we showcase the Philips Hue Go Touch lights and a White/colour ambient light strip  – great conversation starters and proves to the neighbours that we are techy types – not mad!

There is also a layout assistant (we found it too late) in the app that also may support AR to view the layout on your wall before you attach it.

We settled on a one-up, one down, diamond design above a feature window. As we had two kits (18 panels) that stretched to 2m long. I may add more to fill the whole width.