Note that a GPS is only as good as it’s up-to-date maps.


The camera has a 1296p sensor and f/1.8 (good for low light), wide-angle, 130° glass lens.

Navman Drive Duo SUV

Although the nomenclature is 2K it uses a 2304 x 1296-pixel resolution sensor (2,985,984) and will record in 1296p or 1080p (1920 x 1080 or 2,764,800) at 30fps.

The 2K resolution makes the most of the wide-angle lens and produces a slightly clearer image – files are about 10% larger files than 1080p. A three-minute clip is about 325MB. Stills are 1.3MB – here the wide-angle fisheye effect is evident.

The Navman Drive Duo SUV comes with a 16GB micro-SD starter card.

We say starter because, depending on use, it could cycle through the capacity in as little as 148 minutes (49 x 3-minute 1296p clips). At a minimum get a Class 10 (10MBps), UHS Class 1 (U1), Video 10 (V10). It also helps if the card is High Endurance as the video it overwrites when full. Maximum size is 64GB.

The 3-axis G-sensor trips recording in contiguous segments (1, 3 and 5 minutes) and you can manually take a still. Both have GPS coordinates/speed/time/date stamp. If you want to save these, you can move them to the event vault folder. You can turn on WDR wide dynamic range and adjust exposure levels – leave these at default.

You can also select continuous recording or event/emergency recording.

The camera provides Lane Departure and forward collision warning. If not calibrated and placed correctly it can affect accuracy.

You can also purchase an optional rear-facing 1080p camera for $139.

Practical Motoring has a good review of off-road use  and a video of the dashcam

Image quality

In daylight or overcast weather, video quality is fine with reasonable colour and makes the best use of the wide-angle lens. At night or very low light (under 100 lumens) it becomes grainy and loses colour. In both cases, there is enough detail to pick out licence plate numbers etc.

You can edit the MP4 videos, or JPG stills on a PC or Mac via MiVue Manager software for Windows and macOS.

MiVue allows you to manipulate images and videos taken on the dash-cam. It is old software version and has no screen re-sizing on multiscreen monitors and docks.

However, it does view video and has a visual representation of speed, latitude/longitude, altitude and G-force. It has an .KML option to display geographic data in a Google Earth browser.

Navdesk for Windows or Mac

Download Navdesk and install. Be aware that if you are using a dock and or multiple monitors, it may not scale (and you will see very small type). Adjust your screen resolution to 720 or 1080p temporarily or use a magnifying glass. Regardless it should find updates and only require you to accept to install. However, it is less than acceptable that Navman/Mitac have not fixed this.

4WD driving tracks

4WD may be a misnomer – these are more weekend SUV tracks. So, if you are a hardcore weekend warrior or bush basher then get a GPS that will load Hema 4WD and touring maps with trip planning, PC connectivity etc.