The maps are an amalgam of HEMA, Hardie Grant (Explore Australia), Outback Travellers and others and include 123,000km of HERE 4WD tracks and over 14,250 additional off-road points of interest, including 7660 campgrounds.

It also has Zomato and Lonely Planet data. We did not get to test this due to the lack of a 4WD! Other reviewers have said the tracks can be hard to read and lack topographic information.

Large vehicle assist (up to 9 tonnes)

You can enter vehicle height/length/size/weight data to assist with to avoid narrow bridges. It is great to add a boat or trailer dimensions to help avoid bottlenecks or difficult roads. So, if your rig is less than 15m long, 3.5m wide and 4.6m high, it is for you.

Drivers of larger vehicles can purchase the B-Double add-on). If you have a motorhome or tow a van or boat – just get it!

Voice and Bluetooth

It is adequate as a Bluetooth hands-free phone device – nowhere near the fidelity of a dedicated BlueAnt or similar. It pairs easily with a single Android and iOS device although it can be a tad slow to recognise it when you return to the car. To access hands-free calls, you must press the screen icon. It does not read SMS messages.

As for voice control, it is patchy at best. To use voice, you say a command word and follow the prompts. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it waits for seconds and almost always gets the wrong address – try saying Woolloomooloo – forget it.

I guess you don’t buy this for voice control.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

ADAS features that rely on the camera “seeing” the vehicle may suffer at night. Also, the GPS provides speed camera alerts, fatigue alerts and more.

The camera enables lane departure warning (LDWS), and forward collision warning (FCWS about driving too close to the car in front).

One-off calibration is easy following the on-screen prompts. ADAS LDWS is, as in most GPS equipped cars, patchy.


There is a 100-page manual here – Select Drive Duo SUV

GadgetGuy’s take – Navman Drive Duo SUV is unique

  • 6” car GPS – it rates very well
  • Combo GPS and camera – it is a cut above other contenders and only needs the one power cable.
  • A motorhome or if you tow a caravan or boat – it should be mandatory
  • 4WD off-road device – only for soft-roading

It has been around a while, and that means it’s filling a niche need for a larges screen combo dashcam. Design wise it is feeling its age compared some of the newer full screen, small bezel units with more powerful processors but these lack an integrated dash cam. It is unique.


$479 but look for specials closer to $430 at major retailers.

Navman Drive Duo SUV - GPS and dash cam
Name: Navman Drive Duo SUV Price (RRP): $479 Manufacturer: Navman
All in one with a great GPS and fit for purpose dash camReally easy to use, intuitive interfaceBest for soft-roaders and larger vehicles
Largish unit can obstruct view – make sure it fits your car, and you can use a top mountNavdesk and MiVue need updating to modern software standardsExtra camera is $139 and reduces 2K to 1K for both camerasOlder micro-USB connectorVoice command is useless - really useless
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.4Overall Score
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