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Neato D7 botvac connected robot vacuum - pretty perfect
4.6Overall Score
Name: Neato Botvac Connected D7
Price (RRP): $1999
Manufacturer: Neato

OK Google, Tell Neato to go forth and suck! The Neato D7 is one of the best robot vacuums we have tested addressing many of the other robovac design flaws.

It is not that is Neato D7 is unique in the robovac world. Like many others, it has an app, side-whiskers, rotating brush, smart laser navigation, coverage mapping and so on. But what is unique is that it has been the least trouble of all robovacs we have tested.

Mr Neato came out of the box, we charged, connected to Wi-Fi, and let him loose. An hour later, he had finished and had a laser map (one of the more accurate I have seen) to prove it. No getting stuck corners, hiding under beds, stuck on high door sills, getting confused under coffee tables. Mr Neato has an OCD condition when it comes to cleaning.

Australian Review – Neato D7 botvac connected

  • Website here
  • User Guide here (It is a PDF – check the downloads folder)
  • Support FAQs here
  • Comparison with other Neato Robovac models here (the lower-cost D5 is pretty good too)
  • Price: $1999
  • Elevator Pitch: Mr Neato can robovac your home better and faster than most
  • From: Authorised retailers here. Australia Robotics offers a 30-day trial or refund.
  • Warranty: 12-months ACL
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Neato Robotics (Est 2005) is in Newark, California. Design work is from California.

Dodgy opportunistic resellers

Like most premium products, Neato attracts its share of dodgy grey market and parallel importers. They operate as merchants via Amazon, eBay and Kogan/DickSmith.

These items vacuums are invariably ‘refurbs’. They do not carry Australian Consumer Law warranty from Neato Australia. Spare parts are usually counterfeit – even if marked ‘genuine’. We note that in most cases grey marketers do not offer ACL warranties and you have to pay return freight, often to Hong Kong or China.

Testing methodology – Robovacs and Neato D7

We have tested robovacs from LG, Ecovacs Deebot, iRobot, Samsung, Roomba and more. One thing is clear – the technology has improved over the past few years. It is getting harder to stand out from the pack. Throughout the test, we use the terms FAIL, PASS and EXCEED against the various paradigms, and you start to see why we grew to love Mr Neato.

The standard test is a three carpeted bedrooms, large open-plan timber floor living space, two tiled bathrooms, tiled entry foyer and stairs, and a sizeable shaggy feature rug. We cannot vouch for all surfaces or styles of homes.

Unpack – in the box

  • Neato D7 botvac connected 33.64 x 10cm x 3.5kg
  • Charge Base (requires 240V power) with AU power Cord
  • Spiral Combo Brush
  • Dust filter x 2
  • Combo Brush
  • Filter/Brush Cleaning Tool
  • 2m Boundary Marker
Neato D7

Preparation for cleaning – generic robovac advice

You cannot expect any robot cleaner to just to work! As a guide

  • Lift all dining chairs, stools and side tables off the ground (if you want it to clean under tables)
  • Lift floor rugs with tassels that could tangle in the brush
  • Tie up loose electrical cables from the floor
  • Remove clothes/shoes/bags on the floor
  • Build lower gradient ramps if it has issues with door sill heights
  • Use no-go lines on mapped areas or close doors to areas you don’t want it to clean

First impression – EXCEED

The Neato D7 is a ‘D’ shaped robovac compared to a round or square one. As such it has a flat front and a wider cleaning roller than most. It is particularly suited for corner and edge cleaning. Its competitors in this space are Samsung and LG.

Neato D7
Neato D7 (R) versus round robovacs

It uses a 360° LDS (laser distance sensor) radar scanner. LIDAR is a 2D laser that collects SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) data. It does not rely on ceiling or floor mapping as some robovacs do.

LIDAR is extremely accurate – it rotates about 300 times a minute for +/-15mm accuracy and can map from 120mm out to 3.5-metres.

Add front and side bumpers to help avoid newly placed furniture.

I particularly like the integrated carry handle and the large drive wheels – let’s see how they perform on door sills and rugs. It shows quality design and workmanship.

Setup – EXCEED

Download the Neato app for Android or iOS. Create an account/profile with your email and link it to your router via the app. You can install the app on multiple smartphones if you use the same email and password. However, you do not need the app to do a clean.

You have a choice of 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz Wi-Fi. It is best to select 2.4Ghz as that signal can reach up to 30-meters diameter from your router – less distance if going through walls, cupboards, windows, doors or floors.