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An espresso, a hot chocolate, and an Americano. All possible from the Dolce Gusto pod machines.

To put it simply, the Dolce Gusto is more than just your average coffee machine, making it possible to entertain yourself – or others – with more than just espresso. You can drink espresso if you like, but you can also make more than the typical engineered short black from the Nespresso machines.

So how does it work?

Operation of the Dolce Gusto machines is actually quite similar to the pod operation of other Nespresso machines, only with a little more manual control thrown in.

Each pod is loaded into the capsule tray and then pushed in the machine, using the dial on the top of the coffee machine to tell the machine how much of the drink you want. Nescafe’s boxes and pod labels show you the recommended amounts, but you can always override this and make it more or less, depending on what you want.

Once you’ve dialled the amount in using the scroll wheel at the top of the machine, you close the lever down, locking the pod in place and piercing the capsule with a small needle.

From here, it’s as simple as pressing the hot or cold button, filling the pod up with water, which will cause a little piece of plastic inside to rise and release the brewed coffee, or other drink, flowing into your cup below.

Once your drink is made, the machine will stop, and you can pull up on the latch, releasing the lock and letting you take the spent capsule out, throwing the small piece of plastic out in the trash.

Unlike its Nespresso siblings, however, there is no automatic spent pod disposal box underneath, forcing you to take the capsule out each time you use the machine.

Milk drinks are possible from the Dolce Gusto machines, too, with two pods needed for these drinks, the first of which makes the milk from a powder and the second delivering the coffee, hot chocolate, or other drink.

Using the Dolce Gusto Genio is certainly easy, to the point that anyone could use it, even our grandparents. Loading the capsules in and out is simple, and the drinks are relatively tasty.