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Also, with 130° FOV, you need to consider the mounting height. At desk height (900mm) you may not get the full face of entrants. Ideal mounting height is probably 1.2m.

It is a 5-out-of-5 for hardware.

Nest Cam Outdoor $279

The design is very similar to the Nest Cam IQ except it sits on a magnetic base. But the internals reflects the job it has to do and the fact that outdoor camera seldom has strong Wi-Fi signals.

Nest Cam

It has a 3MP, 1080p sensor, 130° FOV and records at H.269 [email protected] video. Because of the lower megapixels, it has an 8X digital zoom.

It ups the LEDs to eight 850nm for better IR 6m distance. It has a microphone and speaker in an IP65 weather resistant enclosure. In tests, the microphone and speaker clarity depend on Wi-Fi signal strength. Wi-Fi is N 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth LE to connect to a smartphone.

Power is in two parts. First, a 240V, 4.5m cable to a USB termination box that supplies 5V/1.4A USB. Then a three-metre USB-A cable to the camera – a total of up to 7.5 metres from the power point. This is great flexibility although I would not knock a discrete hole through a wall as the instructions suggest. It also has all the screws you need.

Nest Cam

As the new design and for the thoughtfulness it is a 4.5-out-of-5 for hardware.

Nest Cam indoor $279

This is the original Nest camera. It shares much of the technology of the Nest Cam Outdoor but not the chalk white egg-cup design.

Nest Cam

The camera has a 3MP sensor, H.264 [email protected], 130° FOV, PIR and 8 x IR LEDs (6 metres), microphone and speaker.

Power is via a micro-USB, 5V/1.4A charger, and a three-metre cable.

Wi-Fi is N dual band and Bluetooth LE for smartphone connection. It has a desk stand and a wall mounting plate.

You buy this if you don’t need the Google Assitant functionality of the Nest Cam IQ.

As an older design and at a lower cost is it a 4-out-of-5 for hardware.

The Nest Cam app

The Android app (and we presume iOS) enables geo-fencing to turn off the camera when home and on (away mode) when you leave. This applies to your smartphone or smartwatch.

Nest Cam

Notifications come via email for people, motion or sound. You can set up the app on multiple family phones and devices.