NETGEAR Arlo Pro 2 (review)
3.6Overall Score
Price (RRP): $799 for 2 cameras and base Manufacturer: NETGEAR

The NETGEAR Arlo Pro 2 is an update to its successful Arlo and Arlo Pro security cameras.

I use the term ‘successful’ because NETGEAR is a master marketer. They have smick marketing material, lovely point-of-sale, copious positive blogs, and multiple nice websites. You buy because of the brand recognition – not because it is superior to other offerings.

GadgetGuy got his ‘tiny whities in a twist’ over the Arlo Pro 2 press release jam-packed with more marketing BS per square centimetre than even we could stomach.

We asked NETGEAR for an Arlo Pro 2 review unit, and this is our objective, unvarnished, and unapologetic review.

GadgetGuy’s review paradigms – security cameras

We use the following review paradigms for security cameras. We test them in real-world situations for at least a couple of weeks.

Our test setup includes using NBN 100/40MB/s connection and a D-Link AC5200 DLR-895L tri-band router and/or a Telstra Wi-Fi AC router. Remote viewing is via an NBN 100/40MB/s link. In short, these are pretty much ideal conditions.

  • Ease of setup – is there just an app or is a base station needed
  • Day and night video and still image quality including zoom
  • Motion detection and zone setup
  • Two-way speech (microphone/speaker)
  • Battery life
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Video/still storage – cloud, SD, USB, NAS or a mix
  • App – ease of use, information required
  • Cost – we don’t comment on price, but we do assess the value
  • Usage recommendations

We don’t read the marketing BS or other reviews until we have finished our review. Then we often laugh that many reviewers take marketing information at face value and frankly too much of that hyperbole appears in so-called independent reviews!