Nokia 4.2 jalostukseen kuin kanit
4.2Overall Score
Name: Nokia 4.2
Price (RRP): $299
Manufacturer: Nokia

The latest new bouncing baby bunny from Nokia is the Nokia 4.2. Or as they say in Finnish ‘jalostukseen kuin kanit’ (breeding like rabbits).

Seriously we are going to need to employ more reviewers as Nokia 4.2 portends the ‘.2’ of its 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 series! Whoops, there is the new 3.2 at $249 – damned rabbits. No there is no discount for bulk reviews – we don’t charge! BTW Nokia (HMD) has released over 30 models since 2017 – a world record in niche marketing.

The Nokia 4.2 is a cute little phone, with a cute glowing power button and good features at $299.

The Nokia 4.2 has a 5.71-inch HD+ 19:9 screen, dual rear 13/2MP camera, Qualcomm SD439, 3/32GB/microSD, 3000mAh battery. It even has NFC and a fingerprint reader – this cheap, sorry economical phone just got serious.

Spoiler alert: At $299 you can’t expect miracles, but this little phone delivers very well.

How we rate smartphones

We develop paradigms – what it needs to do – and slot them into market segments.

Our original four categories have grown to seven, and we review against different paradigms for each category.

  1. Foldable $2500+
  2. Premium Flagship $1600-2499 (usually a flagship with more memory/storage, additional camera lens and now 5G)
  3. Flagship $1000-1599 (account for about 10% of sales)
  4. Premium mid-market $800-999 (10% and often last year’s flagship at run-out price)
  5. Mid-market $500-799 (about 25% of the market)
  6. Mass-market $200-499 (about 25% of the market)
  7. Value pre-paid <A$199 (about 30% of the market – good for pre-paid and children)

At $299 this is in the middle of the mass-market range, so we don’t expect it to offer everything. It has an acceptable screen, better than social media camera, and performance. In fact, we really don’t get too critical until the premium end where you expect it all, and we deduct points for omissions. Here we add points on for extras.

Buy here – or you will regret it

We issue the standard warning that you must buy the genuine model Nokia 4.2 TA-1150 ‘ANZ’ with Australian firmware as it works on all Australian Telco carrier LTE bands and can make a 000-emergency call (not 911) without a SIM. These also have Google Pay that works with Australian PayWave readers.

International models, e.g. TA-1184, TA-11335, TA-1149, TA-1157, are not for Australia (look for the ANZ on the box label and C-Tick regulatory screen).

Nokia 4.2 Model TA-1150 ANZ 4/32GB

Australian Website here

In the box

  • Nokia 4.2 handset
  • Charger 5V/1A
  • USB-A to micro-USB
  • 3.5 mm earbuds and mic

The first impression

The Nokia 4.2 has a centre teardrop notch which is more appealing than a full notch. It has large bezels on a flat-screen and a prominent chin with the brand on it. On the rear polycarbonate back is a dual camera and fingerprint reader.

Nokia 4.2

Despite having a 5.71-inch 19:9 screen it feels small after reviewing the $499 Motorola One Vision 6.3-inch, 21:9 but c’est la vie. And it has a dedicated Google Assistant key and a glowing power key (for notifications).

To be fair, I expect a plastic (sorry polycarbonate) back, alloy frame (unexpected) and non-Gorilla Glass and it does not disappoint.


Size: 5.71-inch
Resolution: 1520 x 720
PPI: 295
Ratio: 19:9
Type: aSi TFT 60Hz
S-T-B-R: 76.6%
Colour depth: 16m
Brightness: not stated but measured at 400-450 nits (side to centre)
Contrast:  not stated but measured at 1500:1
HDR:  No
Colour gamut: not stated but measured at 90% sRGB, Delta E 5.9
Notch: Teardrop
Screen flicker: None
Screen protection: type: not stated – 2.5D glass which appears to be a non-Gorilla toughened glass
Daylight readability: poor

The amorphous silicon TFT screen is almost standard fare for low-end smartphones as they are cheap to make and draw less power.

Nokia 4.2

The downside of aSI is that screens appear quite dull when viewed off-angle – it is bright enough at 100% on-angle. But everything has a blue/greyish tint (cool). You can adjust the white balance from cool to warm – about halfway is best.