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Tests – all auto

Daylight, outdoors

Colours are a little washed out, but the detail is good

1/1600sec ISO 101 – it was a bright sunny day so colours should have popped.

Indoors Office Light (400 lumens)

Detail is good, but colours are washed out – note the pinkish (instead of quite bright red Sudoku book and rear toaster etc.)

1/30sec ISO146 and again that softer look

Low light (room with less than 100 lumens)

The sensor is working overtime to brighten this darkened room, and it does quite well. Colours are good, but the details are softer.

1/20swc ISO 790


The 8MP selfie captures reasonable detail. Its strictly for one person – there is no wide-angle. Lack of screen fill light is a concern.


The 2MP Bokeh rear sensor does a poor job of separating the foreground from the background. It needs relatively clean lines to differentiate.


1K at 30fps and no EIS means good colours but a lack of sharpness

GadgetGuy’s take – Nokia 4.2 for the masses

It is not a bad phone – being positive for $299 it is a damned good phone as we have come to expect from Nokia. Honestly, you cannot go wrong.

But it has some stiff competition in the $279 Alcatel 3 2019  that scored 4.4-out-of-5 with the same SD439, 5.9” screen, 4/64GB, 13/5MP camera and a bigger battery.

Had Nokia been $250 it would have blitzed this category. And guess what – it is $224.24 at Pennytel with a voice/data plan on teh Telstra 3/4G network.


Nokia 4.2 jalostukseen kuin kanit (now updated to Android 10)
Name: Nokia 4.2 Price (RRP): $299 Manufacturer: Nokia
Aolly frame makes it more durableAndroid One for updatesNokia make good honest phones
Dull screenCamera needs work -images are softerNo IP Rating
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.2Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes