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Nokia 7.1 – the Nokia notch starts here
4.9Overall Score
Name: Nokia 7.1
Price (RRP): $499
Manufacturer: Nokia HMD

The Nokia 7.1 is a phone for the masses – a Toyota Camry if you will. Fully featured, well priced and we think uber-reliable (perhaps that is why so many Ubers are Camrys).

Seriously the Nokia 7.1 at $499 is all that Joe and Jane Average need to spend to get a 5.84”, 2880 x 1080 IPS screen with a notch (made famous by the iPhone X), Qualcomm 636 SoC, Wi-Fi AC, a decent ‘sharing’ camera and a premium feel and finish.

Damn these clever Fin’s.

Is there is nothing better to do in Espoo Finland than breed Nokia’s like rabbits? Well, I suppose you could take very short walks but from October to April it seldom gets over 5°, and there is thin sunshine for about three hours a day. Oh, and it rains around 23 days each month too.

Nokia 7.1
Nokia is everywhere – now in Asgard!

Mind you one of the best adventures I have ever had was staying in a glass igloo, sledding with huskies and bearing up to -40° at Kakslauttanen Arctic village in Lapland well above the Arctic circle. It makes Espoo look like a balmy tropical paradise. Scratch that from the bucket list. Oh, then it was off to London to see the New Year’s fireworks from big Ben – ditto.

Well, I hope that whets your appetite for all things Finnish including the somewhat above average Nokia 7.1.

How we rate and review smartphones

We rate smartphones both by bang for buck and against a series of robust paradigms – what features should you expect in this price bracket? While this phone is at a mass market price of $499 it meets every specification of mid-high phones costing up to two times more. Just when I was happy saying you needed to spend $799 to get it all, Nokia has made a liar of me.

  • Flagship >$1000
  • Mid-high $500-999
  • Mass-market $200-499
  • Value pre-paid <A$199

In the box – Nokia 7.1

Australian Website here

  • Handset
  • 18W fast charger 5V/3A and 9V/2A
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • 3.5 mm earbuds and mic

The first impression

Nokia 7.1

The Nokia 7.1 is a second generation phone from a company barely two-years-old. It is a case of Nokia being fast learners. They have released 21 models in that short time. All second-generation phones have an x.1moniker – hence we are reviewing the 7.1. There is a 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, (combined overviews here).6.1 (review here) and the flagship 8.1 (Sirocco review here). Perhaps you now understand my reference to rabbits!

The Nokia 7.1 is a stylish smartphone. A diamond cut, bevelled silver or copper edge cut from the 6000-series aluminium frame, the notch (love or hate it notches are here to stay), glass front and back, and a small chin.

Turn it on, and the screen jumps out at you. More on that later but its bright, accurate and has official HDR10 certification.

It also seems to be a little thinner in hand – that is because it uses a 19:9 ratio screen. Above all, I can’t help but question the price – it is too cheap.

 Buy here – or you will regret it

GadgetGuy has joined the movement to wipe out parallel and grey market imports (good read) because we receive so many complaints about refurbished-sold-as-new (second hand or repairs) or that they simply don’t work on every carrier in Australia.

We issue the standard warning that you must buy the genuine certified/approved model with Australian firmware as it works on all Australian Carrier LTE bands and can make a 000-emergency call without a sim.

The Australian Nokia 7.1 model number is TA-1096. From what we can find there are five main variants for different countries. These include TA-1085, TA-1095, TA-1097, TA-1100. Also, there is different firmware for each country or region. Have a look under Settings, System, and Certification, and it will show if it is for Australia and New Zealand.


5.84” FHD, 2280 x 1080, 19:9 (with Notch), 432ppi, IPS
Gorilla Glass 3, 79.9% S-T-B-R
Mobile HDR10
PureDisplay to upscale SD to FHD content and boost contrast ratio
Nokia 7.1

It is a 1080p (FHD+) screen with HDR10 that really helps bring out details in shadows and bright areas. Gorilla Glass 3 is perfect for this phone as it is more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass 5 (but not as drop resistant). It is, like all Gorilla Glass, a fingerprint magnet!