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Bokeh and 2x Zoom – works well

Panorama – 3000 pixels tall and no stitching lines. Love the ability to pan in any direction – not just left to right.

Selfies – 16MP, f/2.0 and 1.4µm but no OIS means it blurs in lower light. Good colours and crisp images.


It will do up to [email protected] but loses all EIS so it can be jerky. When using a tripod, it was crystal clear except when panning.

It is more suited to [email protected] (will not do 60fps). As it has a microSD slot, you can record directly to a card.

It has Nokia OZO audio with three mics (one dedicated to ANC) can record up to 132dB. Stereo separation and clarity was good.

Still camera summary

It performed better than the Nokia 8 Sirocco indicating later firmware.


The single earpiece speaker is not Hi-Fi. It was great for ringer volume and voice (80dB) and achieved 70dB for music. But the speaker is poor at music almost no bass or treble – it’s an upper mid signature for clear voice which it does well.

When paired to a Sony WH-1000XM2 Bluetooth headset (rated as one of the best Bluetooth headphones) it recorded a moderately flat frequency response from 25Hz to nearly 20kHz. But this does not have a Hi-Fi DAC, so it is just going to sound good.

The supplied buds were average. Sounds were very thin, again more mid focused. Nokia has IP55 Active Wireless Earphones (not tested) but without a Hi-Fi DAC I am not sure these would be any better.

Frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz (but that depends on the device). In short use Bluetooth buds – any type.

I would have liked stereo speakers, but few in this price range have these.


GadgetGuy is inundated with smartphone reviews now so we could only use this for a day, instead of a week, of hard testing.

It verges on a two-day phone courtesy of one of the best mid-range SoCs – the Qualcomm 660.

After a hard morning use (4 hours) it still had 72% battery left. Then in normal use, it got through to 4 pm the next day before power management kicked in.