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To compensate for no Notification LED (a to bezel light that indicates things like missed calls, email etc.) Nokia has introduced a ‘Glance screen” that is similar in function to the Always-on capability in OLED screens.

As it is not OLED, it cannot be used as a VR screen.

The processor/graphics/RAM/storage

It uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 – the 2017 flagship quad-core processor and an Adreno 540 graphics processor.

It has 4GB LPPDDR4X RAM and 64GB UFS 2.1 storage as well as a microSD card slot for up to 256GB and OTG external support to 2TB.

As you would expect it performs similarly to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, the Qualcomm version of the Galaxy S8/+ and the LG V30 etc.

Video performance is fine for mobile gaming.

After extended use, it was cool to touch – as you would expect of the Snapdragon 835, running almost pure Android with no bloatware, and a copper pipe cooling system.


The 3090 mAh battery is a little smaller than many flagships, but it does well achieving a 78-hour endurance test. Under heavy load – lots of photos, video, playback etc., the battery was almost empty after a 12-hour day. On lighter, more normal use days it lasted 20 hours.

It has a Qualcomm 3.0 approved, 18W fast charger that means 0-48% charge in 30 minutes (using the 12V/1.5A charge, then drops to the 9V charge for 49-60% and the 5V charge for the remainder. A full charge takes under 2 hours.

Missing is wireless charging.

LTE and coms

The phone has a Qualcomm Cat 9 modem – 450/50Mb/s down/up with three carrier aggregation. This is well below the Gigabit offered by some flagships but let’s be realistic as no Telco can provide wireless broadband speeds at that level anyway.

It achieved 866Mb/s in Wi-Fi AC tests (a top rating with MIMO), has Bluetooth 5.0 (top rating), Wi-Di and NFC.

It does not list LTE bands, but you can safely assume it has a full suite of them.


It has an earpiece speaker and a speaker in the bottom ‘end’ – it is not stereo.

Handsfree was loud and clear hitting 82dB at full volume, music was loud, but ‘thin’ and audio output was good and flat from 10-30Hz delivering a clean output to Bluetooth speakers and an amplifier.