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The same additions designed to make the Lumia 800 a better package are also present here, including Nokia Drive’s navigation application, Nokia Maps, and the company’s streaming music service “Mix Radio”.

And like the Lumia 800, the battery life is pretty solid, offering between two and three days usage.

For all intents and purposes, then, the Nokia Lumia 710 is a cheaper version of the Lumia 800, with less storage and a more wallet-friendly price tag. It’s not all good news, though –  710 is as remiss as the 800 in some areas, and adds a couple new flaws into the mix.

Like its colourful brother, there’s no support for wireless hotspot technology, Adobe Flash, or a front-facing camera. That seems to be a common issue with Windows Phone 7 and 7.5, but there are more deficiencies too.

Pull the back off the Lumia 710 and you'll find only a microSIM slot and battery.

With no microSD, there’s no way to upgrade your memory on the Lumia 710. You couldn’t do this with the 800 either, but with its 16GB we could be a little more forgiving. This limitation seems to be something of a constant on the Windows Phone 7/7.5 devices, so we’re not totally surprised, but on an 8GB device you’ll find you only have roughly 6GB of storage for photos, music, and movies, and that’s really not much at all.

Sure, it’s more than you get on a lot of cheap phones, but many of these offer microSD expansion slots, so are a step ahead.

The use of a lower-grade screen is disheartening too. While the blacks are strong, fingerprints seem to be picked up on the screen really easily, resulting in greasy RGB streaks. We suspect it’s because the phone lacks some form of oil- or water-resistant coating, so you’ll probably be cleaning the Lumia 710 screen with the bottom of your shirt frequently.



The Lumia 710 is the 800 with a cheaper price tag and more pedestrian livery, and as a Windows Phone it is an excellent – though far from capacious – choice.


The budget Windows phone: Nokia's Lumia 710 reviewed
Price (RRP): $379 Manufacturer: Nokia
Excellent price; Very responsive;
Micro SIM card slot is horribly designed; No expandable memory means you're stuck with 8GB storage;
Value for money
3.8Overall Score
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