Norton Core protects the home network (Australian review)
3.8Overall Score
Price (RRP): $399 Manufacturer: Norton

The next big thing is routers that run on-device security and intrusion protection. Norton Core is one of these new breeds of routers.

The problem is that most routers don’t have the raw power to run packet inspections or security software, so Norton designed one from the ground up.

Mark Gorrie, Director, Norton Business Unit at Symantec Pacific said

We have had requests to load our Security software on third-party routers, but it was a compromise. Norton Core has been designed to have the processing headroom to run Norton Security. It has been available for nearly a year in the US. It is ready for global use.

What is a Norton Core?

An AC2600 router with onboard security. That means it provides on-device security against virus, malware, drive-by web infections, hack attacks, botnets, web crawler intrusion and more for all connected devices. That includes the Internet of Things (IoT) devices like security cameras, smart TVs, and smart home devices etc.

It has Norton Secure Core Software Plus (one-year subscription included) which covers your connected devices at home and up to 10 desktops, laptops and mobile devices often used off-network – outside of the home. Future subscriptions are estimated to be $17.99 per month (lower cost annual subscription may be available).

It looks like a Geodesic dome – all equilateral triangles. The lighting ring underneath can be set to off, low and high. It comes in Granite Gray.