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OK Google – what can you do on a Sony LF-S50G speaker? (review)
4.2Overall Score

Price (RRP): $249
Manufacturer: Sony

Q. OK Google, what do you think of the Sony LF-S50G wireless speaker. A. Let’s just say that as a speaker it is a cut above Google Home speaker offerings.

OK Google speakers – any brand – can access Google Assistant’s power

OK Google a.k.a. Google Assistant is its ‘preliminary’ attempt to provide a two-way voice interface for music, search and a degree of smart home control.

At this point, it is pretty good for playing music, answering silly questions and pretty elementary for everything else.

How to enable OK Google (on Android)

All tests were done with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Sony LF-S50G speaker.

To get started download the Google Home app.

Once installed pair the speaker with your home Wi-Fi network and give Google permission to know virtually everything about you.

It is really hard to get any benefit unless it knows your location, your calendar, emails, contacts, tasks, what devices are on your network, and even your voice pattern (it recognises your and other nominated voices).

If you are paranoid about digital footprints then don’t use any voice assistant, stay well away from Facebook and use a VPN!

OK Google needs work – but it is learning all the time

OK Google – play me a song.

First, it will attempt to link to the premium paid music services like Google Music, but it also recognised “OK Google, Play Smooth FM radio.”

OK Google – what is the weather? The weather in XXXX is 28°.

OK Google – give me the weather forecast for today? Mostly sunny in XXXX with a forecast of 28° and a low of 21°.

The subtle difference is that the more specific you are, the more accurate the response.

It is quite frustrating knowing that Google Search will give you an answer on your desktop or phone screen, but OK Google cannot.