OK Google, what about Google Home and Home Mini? (review)
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Price (RRP): $79 to $199
Manufacturer: Google

Google was later to market with its Google Assistant, Google Home and Google Home Mini speakers. Spoiler alert – they are both good.

Analysts state that while Amazon Alexa has captured the lion’s share of the US market it is a different story in Australia – OK Google is taking over.

Of course, we need to see sales figures to prove that, but companies including LG, Sony, Panasonic, JBL, Sonos and many more have, or are releasing Google Assistant speakers.

AI is the future – bring on Skynet

GadgetGuy met Toby Walsh, a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence. The Australian newspaper named him as a “rock star” of Australia’s digital revolution.

The conversation was all about Terminator’s Skynet and who would win – Apple with Siri, OK Google, or Amazon Alexa.

“There can only be one master AI in the future if we are to harness its power. But there can be lots of clients like Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana and LG ThinQ that can add local processing, system access and intelligence,” he said.

“I know Siri’s inventor, but Apple has let it down since they bought the company. Who do you think will win and who can you trust with this enormous power?”

The indications seem to favour Google with its vast search engine base or a face-off between it and IBM’s Watson supercomputer.

“The general phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence – or AI– is beginning to permeate our lives. Ultimately every device will be listening; waiting to follow our commands and answer our questions. It’s the next level of robotics. But for the everyday items that we rely on the most that also makes it one of the biggest technological and social changes we have seen in decades. What makes this even more exciting is that AI is now a reality and we see quantifiable changes in the way we can go about our lives; freeing up time and making things easier,” said Walsh.

Review Google Home and Google Home mini

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First, it is remiss of GadgetGuy not to have reviewed these some time ago. It is just that we had a bunch of OK Google, Hey Alexa and Siri speakers to get through.

So, apologies to Google and all readers as these speakers are in fact damned good.

The Google Home is cute, has full-some sound and is very sensitive to the watchword OK Google. The Home Mini is not so much of an audiophile speaker. It is a convenient and relatively cheap way to add voice control. For personal listening, it does not sound too shabby either.

There are two parts to Google Home – the hardware and the Google Assistant software

Let’s get the software out of the way. Google Assistant is the logical voice extension of Google Search. It can also integrate with many smart home devices although this side is elementary at present.