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The headphones themselves are doing well to cope beyond this, mind you, and the leatherette has no sign of wearing in dramatically, and certainly not ripping apart of falling off, but the wear and tear on the metal can be seen, so if you are taking them in your backpack, be sure to use the casing Oppo provides, otherwise you could see some paint deterioration.



Comparable to KEF’s M500 in every way, Oppo’s PM-3 are one of the best sets of headphones we’ve played with, coming in under $600 and sounding like they should cost more.

That’s not a plea for Oppo to raise the price, either; no, they can stay down under the $600 mark perfectly fine, and that’s an excellent value for what results as an excellent pair of can. Highly recommended.


Review: Oppo PM-3 headphones
Price (RRP): $549 Manufacturer: Oppo
Brilliant and rich sound; Very comfortable; Interchangeable cable thanks to 3.5mm jack on the headphone;
No way of folding them up; Paint job does wear down;
Value for money
4.4Overall Score
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