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It doesn't matter how much you hold it like its R7 Plus brother, you won't get a fingerprint sensor to work because it doesn't exist on the R7s,

It doesn’t matter how much you hold it like its R7 Plus brother, you won’t get a fingerprint sensor to work because it doesn’t exist on the R7s,

As we noted before, we’re still not huge fans of the operating system, but you can get around this, and most people probably won’t be bothered by it. Some might even prefer the Apple-inspired take.

Regardless of who uses the R7s, you will still find the odd bug when you hold your phone from the top, and that’s apparently called a “misoperation prevention” error.

It’s something very specific to Oppo devices, as we’ve only seen it reviewing phones produced by the company, and while it looks like it’s an error, it also isn’t one. It’s more like something the phone warns you not to do and won’t have any effect on the device if you do.

Don’t worry if it happens, as you’ll be right, and you can even turn it off in the settings if it bothers you.


One thing that we do take aim with, though, is the dual SIM slot which comes with a double edge: you can use the R7s either with a microSIM and a microSD or a microSIM and a nanoSIM.

That’s a fair amount of flexibility, and it’s pretty cool, but what happens if you have a nanoSIM?


If you’re switching from a device reliant on the nanoSIM — like say an iPhone 5 or 6, or a Samsung Galaxy S6 — you have this format, and when you throw this in the tray, you’re actually slotting it into the section that handles both the microSD and the nanoSIM.

But while it handles both, you can only use one at a time, meaning if you do have a nanoSIM, you don’t get any microSD access, and you merely have a 32GB device.



The one thing that confuses us with the Oppo R7s is where exactly it sits.

Oppo has made a fair amount of mid-range models designed to take the fight to its premium competitors, but the Oppo R7s feels like a mid-ranger sitting in the middle of a bunch of other mid-rangers.

There’s the Oppo R7 with similar hardware and a smaller screen, the Oppo R7 Plus with similar hardware and a bigger screen, and then there’s this phone — the R7s — which kind of sits in between both.