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Certainly, there are reasons to pick the R7s over the others, and we’d say they come from the additional memory you get as well as the lack of printed on soft buttons that help to make the R7s feel a little more future friendly.

Still, we can’t help but think some things should be improved — like the camera — while fingerprint sensor should be added if only because of how difficult it will be to find so much in one device for this sort of money.

Oppo’s $529 mid-range metal smartphone reviewed
Price (RRP): $529 Manufacturer: Oppo
Metal body; Two SIMs or one SIM and a microSD upgradeable slot; 4GB RAM makes the phone perform quite well;
No fingerprint sensor; Oppo’s “ColorOS” Android overlay is still a little too iOS for us; Camera could be better; MicroSD expansion disappears if you use nanoSIM;
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.0Overall Score
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