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On paper, the OPPO Reno 5G (or 4G) camera is better than the Huawei P30 Pro – the current DxoMark king tying with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Frankly, it would not surprise me if it beats that although OPPO does not support DxoMark. OPPO is, after all, a camera first and a phone second (cameraphone) and have enormous photo expertise.

In a gentle swipe aimed at Huawei that has its camera’s branded designed by Leica, OPPO has in fine print under the camera – ‘OPPO – Designed by OPPO’.

And best of all the camera is now in the centre, mid-top of the phone away from annoying fingers in the shot that you experience with edge-mounted cameras like Apple’s iPhone or Huawei’s P30/Pro.

AI software

The Qualcomm SD855 is a powerhouse when it comes to post-processing images. Give it good lenses and decent camera sensors, and it can do miracles. Night Mode relies on this power. Noise reduction is great – the processor chooses the best pixels.

It recognises around 120 scenes – food, snow, pets (dogs and cats), sunsets, grass ‘mostly’ correctly.

Beautify uses face recognition to intelligently analyse the user in terms of gender, age, skin colour, skin texture, face shape, and pupil characteristics to fix minor blemishes.

Unlike a lot of AI, OPPO seems to have bought it under control. Colours are accurate instead of what the AI thinks they should be.

Tests – all set to auto flash and HDR

Daylight, outdoors

You can shoot in 48MP or 12MP pixel binning. We saw little difference in the finished product.

Huge detail, low or no noise, sharp, good contrast and little evidence of over-post-processing. A true idiot proof flagship camera.

OPPO Reno 5G outdoors 1X
1X – perfect colours, detail and contrast
OPPO Reno 5G outdoors 5X
5X Optical zoom – excellent detail, no post-processing noise. Love OIS!
OPPO Reno 5G 10X
10X – even more detail
OPPO Reno 5G 60x
60X ludicrous zoom but great details.

Indoors Office Light (400 lumens)

OPPO Reno 5G office
Our model dog has never looked so good. Perfect colours and detail.

Low light (room with less than 100 lumens)

OPPO Reno 5G indoors
Excellent detail and reasonable colour – no washout of the PC screens

Ultra Night mode 2.0

OPPO Reno 5G Night
Night mode gives a better shot toning down the colours a little

It takes a second or so to pixel-bin the 48MP to 12MP and uses AI to fill in colours. Almost as good as the Google Pixel 3/XL. OIS works but holds the camera steady for best results.

Portrait/Bokeh rear camera

Stellar foreground and background definition. Five modes to select, plus filters, and beautify mode.

Selfie – front camera

16MP is great for detailed and colour accurate selfies. Add OPPO’s legendary Beautification mode, and even I look good. Bokeh is a little hit and miss due to the single lens, so don’t push it.

It is just about wide enough for two people – but not for a group. It has shark fin fill flash.

Dazzle Colour

Adds saturation to washed out colours


Automatic for extremely detailed image