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GadgetGuy’s take – OPPO you have done it again. The Oppo Reno Z is a class-leading act even if its as cheap as chips.

Huge colourful, bright AMOLED display, fast SoC, 8/128GB, and a 48 (12MP) and 32MP selfie camera. There is not one thing to dislike about this.

I love this phone. In a week or so of use, it could be my daily drive. At $499 it makes me think about forking out over $1000 on a flagship ever again.

Naysayers will point to the MediaTek Helio P90 and its lack of a pedigree (specifically games, but I think it is OK. Then they will point to no microSD slot – 128GB for $499, get real. They may also say ColorOS 6 over Android 9 is not perfect, but it is pretty good, and those who use it – love it.

The only real competitor is the $499 Motorola One Vision, and yes, Pure Android One (and its guaranteed patches and OS updates) and an IP53 rating may sway me, but it’s a tough call between them.

One reader who bought and OPPO Reno Z sent me this

Despite the Reno Z not having removable SD card I’ll live with the Reno Z’s 128GB. I can use Wi-Fi or USB-C to transfer excess ‘stuff’ to my PC.

One key determinant was the Reno Z’s stereo speakers – after the Sony Xperia I didn’t want to do without. The speakers are louder which is a boon with my old man’s hearing problems.

I’m still getting the hang of the ColorOS 6. The fingerprint recognition works well, and very fast (a second or less). The screen has a noticeably better resolution and much easier to read than the Xperia’s. The phone overall is close to the same size as the Xperia’s.

One nice touch is that the screen comes with a scratch-resistant protector and a silicone case is thrown in, so you don’t need to source and pay extra for these. The phone looks very nice (until you mask it with the cover, of course).

I don’t play games, so the processor is not an issue for me. It easily copes with road navigation, etc.  As far as I can ascertain at this early stage, having a MediaTek rather than Snapdragon won’t be an issue.


OPPO Reno Z - as satisfying and cheap as hot chips - mmmm.
Name: OPPO Reno Z Price (RRP): $OPPO Manufacturer: 499
Superb build quality and style48MP camera is class leadingHuge 6.4" AMOLED display
IP rating
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.9Overall Score
Reader Rating 178 Votes