Review: Pacific Rim
3.0Overall Score

No matter how you look at it, Guillermo del Toro is a very interesting director, especially in the way that he really earned his respect among fans from fairly humble beginnings.

Despite being born in Mexico and becoming very successful with his indie Spanish language films, he seems to have perfectly adapted his style to Hollywood sensibilities.

My first exposure to him was through the amazing Pan’s Labyrinth and the thing that immediately stayed with me was the visually original style that he had, particularly with creature design.

Having a background in special effects, that comes as no surprise, but along with that was a very earnest way of telling stories and a twist of fairytale darkness. This proved to be a great recipe for his first Hollywood flick, Blade II and then later the Hellboy series, both becoming cult favourites.

Now comes a film that has been inevitable since the advancements of visual effects and 3D started consuming the industry.

Pacific Rim aims to be the ultimate monster mash flick, in which the monstrous inter-dimensional Kaiju (translation: ‘strange monsters’) are pitted against humanity’s last hope, the giant robotic soldiers of the Jaeger Program (translation: ‘hunter’).

We are introduced to one of the hotshot Jaeger pilot teams – codenamed “Gipsy Danger” – as they undergo a routine mission to take down a villainous Kaiju.