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What shaver paradigms do we use?

  • Most importantly is that is shaves as close as a blade
  • Removal of wispy or lay-flat hair around the neck
  • Pop-up cutter type and effectiveness
  • Battery life and longevity
  • Recharge time
  • Easy of cleaning
  • Wet/Dry use (for that category)


It is not glossy or flashy although Panasonic has added gold accents to this latest generation. It is very well-built.

Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q

It weighs 200g, and that is about the same weight as a large mobile phone. The sculptured handle is ergonomic, grippy and comfortable to hold.

The shaving head is larger than most as it has five blades/cutting elements. This ensures it shaves stubble to longer hairs in one pass.

You can lock the head or leave it free to pivot to the left or right. I prefer it locked.

The LCD shows battery life remaining, shave time and other icons for sensor and clean.

Shave – smoother than a baby’s b…

Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q

I tested over two weeks with a daily shave, and the last was where the stubble was five days long.

The daily shave result was a perfect face shave requiring only one or two passes to pick up all stubble in ‘crevasses” and the difficult top lip and Adam’s apple areas – pass.

Under the (double) chin where looser skin requires several passes in left/right and up/down directions it picked up the lay-flat longer hair at the side of the neck quite well – pass.

The pop-up trimmer is useful for grooming and removing longer, wispy hair at the base of the neck or around the ears and sideburns.

The significant difference over the older LV-65N is the addition of two gold ‘smooth slider’ rollers that reduced skin drag.

The five-day shave was equally good at removing face hair although it took a few more passes to get all the hair. Similarly, under the neck required more passes and total shave time was around seven minutes. Still, in the end, the results were as good as the daily shave.

Hugh before and after
Yes that’s me – before and after (with apologies to Hugh)

It has a shaving sensor that detects beard density. It did increase torque on the heavy beard but made no difference to a daily shave.

I did one further wet test with a light lather. I would not waste time with wet shaving as dry shaving produces excellent results. However, as I have sensitive skin, I moisturise straight after as it will slough off dead skin cells.

It has been a while since I used anything but a Panasonic shaver, but I suspect you will find the larger head and fewer passes make it a faster shave.

Summary: The closest shave, like a blade and remains cool to use.