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The daily shave took about three to four minutes. After ten shaves (35 minutes total) the battery gauge still showed 30% – so the 45-minute claim is conservative.

Panasonic claims the speed remains constant regardless of the remaining charge – we agree.

Recharge time is one hour from its 4.8V/1.25A (6W) charger. For safety, you cannot shave when using the charger – avoids the temptation to use it in the shower! It does have a quick charge – a couple of minutes is sufficient for a 3-minute shave.

Panasonic says the 3.8V Lithium-ion battery should be good three years or 100+ cycles from 0-100%. My experience is a far longer life.

A Panasonic Service Centre can replace the battery (cost unknown). A replacement battery is around $50 on eBay. It is relatively simple, and users could do it but may risk breaking the water seal.


It is about 64dB, slightly higher with the trimmer.

Manual cleaning

All I have ever done is to remove the whiskers from the shaver head every few days and wash the cutters and foil under warm water with a little antibacterial hand wash. You press the power button for two seconds to get it to ‘ultra-sonic’ mode. There is also a small brush that can clean between the linear blades or the trimmer.

Panasonic provides a small bottle of liquid paraffin lubricant for the trimmer and blades – never used it.

Automatic Cleaning and charging – ES-LV9Q only

Panasonic includes the auto cleaner/charger with the ES-LV9Q S.K.U. I have never used one before.

Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q

You add water and cleaner to a bottom tray and its good for about 30 days. One catch – while cleaning it makes quite a loud noise as it pressure squirts water through the head – don’t do that at night.

I used it between shaves, and the 90 x 90mm unit does not take up much space on the bench. Would I spend and extra $50 to get the cleaner unit? Probably not.

Here is an overview of how it washes, dries and charges all at the same time.

Accessories – Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q

It comes with a soft vinyl zip-up travel pouch and head protector. The shaver can be locked to prevent accidental operation when travelling.

 The charger (also for the automatic cleaner) does not fit but as you have about 45 minutes shave time you may not need to take it. It has a proprietary two-pin plug.

GadgetGuy’s take – Panasonic ES-LV6Q and ES-LV9Q shavers for a close shave

When I was asked to review the shaver, I mentioned I had been a long-term Panasonic user. “Oh, good said the PR, you will give it a good review.”