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We have shown that over Sydney’s worst days the Philips Air Purifier can bring a large 100m3 room back to good air quality and keep it there. It is also something that should run 24/7 on auto mode, even in an office.

The 2000 series (333m3/h) is $529, the 3000 series (393m3/h) is $949 and the 6000 series (657m3/h) is $1349. Shop around – there are some bargains to be had pre-Xmas.

All three models have international certification by ECARF and the Sensitive Choice Program of National Asthma Council Australia.

The following videos talk about air pollution as well as the product.

Philips Air Purifier pulls plenty of nasty polluting particles from the air
Name: Philips Air Purifier AC3256 (Philips 3000 series) Price (RRP): $949 but great bargains if you shop around Manufacturer: Philips
No-nonsense setup - plug and playEasy to replace filters at a reasonable costOne of the highest efficiency ratingsReal-time air quality monitor and cool indicator light
It's not a fan so do not expect it to cool
Value for money
Easy of Use
4.9Overall Score
Reader Rating 46 Votes