Yet despite that, when my phone was in my pocket, the connection dropping out was not infrequent, but quite unexpected because there was no difference in activity or position between when it happened and when it didn’t. A bit of static electricity building up in my clothes perhaps? Who knows?

Almost always the reconnection was very nearly instantaneous. A good proportion of the time, though, after the reconnection the left and right channels were slightly out of sync. Most times, pausing playback for a couple of seconds and then resuming fixed that.

High volume

The other troublesome thing was the volume level. The bud controls worked very well. But whenever I paused playback and then resumed, they went to maximum volume. This was clearly some kind of glitch, because when I stabbed the down-volume button on one of the buds, the level went instantly down to slightly below the level it had been before. I’d then usually tap the up-volume button to bring it back to the correct level.

The workaround for this was to set the earphone volume to maximum and then control the level with the phone controls. But of course that reduces the convenience of these earphones.

Again, these issues were not apparent when connected to my iPhone.


So, the Powerbeats Pro earphones are especially well suited to the iPhone. That said, they delivered such a charming audio performance, provided a rare bass performance and were so secure on my ears that for the moment that shall remain by earphones of choice, despite me being an Android man.

The Powerbeats Pro earphones are available from the usual sites as well as direct from Beats by Dre.

Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones
Name: Powerbeats Pro earphones Price (RRP): $349.95 Manufacturer: Beats by Dre
Excellent bassGood and secure fitLong battery lifeDuplicate controls
A bit buggy with Android phones
Value for money
Ease of use
4.7Overall Score
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