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QuattroPod Lite for easy wireless presentations
4.3Overall Score
Name: QuattroPod Lite
Price (RRP): $US199
Manufacturer: EZCast

The QuattroPod Lite is an HDMI audio/video Wi-Fi casting device with a transmitter capable of [email protected] as well as up to [email protected] over Wi-Fi/Chromecast and Airplay.

You know a product is good if it lives up to its promises. QuattroPod Lite claims it is a ‘BYOD Wireless casting device with Zero Learning – the ultimate dummy kit’. Sure enough, I resemble that remark.

You plug the Receiver into a screen via HDMI and the Transmitter into a PC/Mac via HDMI, and the PC screen appears like magic – voila. Or you can cast from iOS (AirPlay) or Android (Chromecast) without using the HDMI Transmitter. Although under the simpleness lies a fair bit of tech.

Why buy? Business can wirelessly connect to a screen in the boardroom. Home users can cast their Mac, iPhone, Windows or Android device to a TV or monitor. Or use any HDMI output device to cast to the TV.

Globally over 10 million EZCast products are in use. Now QuattroPod is in Australia. Its parent, EZCast Pro also have commercial products for lecture theatres and conferences.

In true deep-dive review fashion, we find what makes the QuattroPod Lite tick.

Australian Review: QuattroPod Lite from EZCast Pro

  • Website here
  • Price: US$199
  • Elevator Pitch: Wireless presentation device to plug and cast audio/video from any HDMI device without any configuration.
  • Warranty: 12 months.
  • From: EZcast Store (Amazon AU site to come)
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • EZCast (Action Microelectronics) is a Taiwanese company (Est. 2006). It has EZCast patents in 30+ countries. It designs custom audio/video/wireless broadcast SoCs. The technology is in use by leading router, monitor, and projector manufacturers.

What is a QuattroPod Lite?

QuattroPod Lite is a new, lower-cost, single screen version of the QuattroPod series.

The series includes Standard, Deluxe, Starter pack, Mini, and USB. Some will cast; have a Display port; HDMI; USB; Ethernet port; bridge-to-router; and a 5Ghz backchannel. Up to four transmitters can share the Receiver for multi-screen presentations.

QuattroPod Lite

The QuattroPod Lite HDMI Transmitter auto-links to the QuattroPod Lite HDMI Receiver that is a Wi-Fi 5 AC router that can also accept Chromecast or AirPlay.

It is as simple as that.

The Transmitter (LT01)

It broadcasts up to [email protected] via HDMI 1.4 /HDCP 1.4. It transmits over Wi-Fi AC 1×1, 5Ghz band at up to 433Mbps. A tip – use a Wi-Fi Network analyser app to clear other devices from the QuattroPod Lite 5Ghz channels to avoid any congenstion that may impact signal quality.

Micro-USB power is from the computing device’s USB port 5V./.9A or an external USB charger. It is not USB-C PD compatible so take care that any other charger delivers no more than 5V/1A. Size is 65x65mm plus an antenna.

QuattroPod Lite transmitter

The Receiver (LR01)

It is a router with Chromecast and AirPlay that takes audio-video steams signals and converts to HDMI output.

It is a Wi-Fi AC 5Ghz 2×2 (2×433=833Mbps, 5180-5825Mhz), OFDM and 256QAM device that transmits a hidden and encrypted 1×1 SSID to the Transmitter.

As it is 2×2, you can also log into the admin web server at Here you can bridge it to an existing 5Ghz router (not 2.4Ghz) to pass through internet connectivity. This is handy to update the firmware or for general AC433 internet access.