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realme XT and realme 5 Pro are standout value
4.9Overall Score
Name: realme XT and realme 5 Pro
Price (RRP): $499/399
Manufacturer: realme (OPPO)

Forgive the joint review of the realme XT and realme 5 Pro – they are brothers from the same mother. For the most part, the only significant difference is that the XT has an AMOLED screen and 64MP quad-camera and the 5 Pro has an IPS screen and a 48MP quad-camera.

And this is perhaps a good time to talk about the phone, err, clone wars. The realme XT and realme 5 Pro come from OPPO (BBK). The brand is a spin-off with marketing aimed at the youth segment and sold only on-line. Two other models, the realme C2 and realme 5 are also in the Australian line-up. Yes, realme is all lower case!

And in a few days, I will have finished the reviews on another OPPO sibling, vivo (also lower case) with its value Y12 and Y17 sporting huge 5000mAh batteries. I expect these will offer a slightly different slant to the youth-focused realme XT and realme 5 Pro

When will we see the last OPPO sibling, OnePlus here? Soon I trust as its phones tend to push tech boundaries.

Why the sudden sibling rivalry?

Not to rain on any other Chinese maker that may have fallen foul of US President Donald Trump’s spite list, but that action left a massive gap in the $199-599-799 value/mass/mid-market to be filled. Combined, the four BBK companies are now either the world’s second or third-largest smartphone maker, and they are picking up the lion’s share outside China (where Google Android services are not available).

It is an excellent strategy as you cannot go wrong with any of the BBK siblings – it is all about the features you want for the price you can afford. And build quality, reliability and support are uniformly excellent.

But to a reviewer, it’s a case of more of the same. Whack an OPPO Reno2 Z camera in a different painted body, use a Qualcomm processor and that is realme! I know even before I test them that they are going to rate very well.

You can read more about realme here.

realme XT and realme 5 Pro

Australian website here

Price: (brands names are for the youth market)

  • $499 XT 64MP quad-camera Xpert RMX1921
  • $399 5 Pro quad-camera Speedmaster RMX1971
  • $299 5 quad-camera PowerHero
  • $199 C2 Value King

First impressions

Both look almost the same.

I know that the XT uses Gorilla Glass 5 (on both sides) over a polycarbonate frame. In Pearl White and Pearl Blue, it uses a similar ink deposition process under Gorilla glass to the Reno2 Z. Elegant.

The 5 Pro uses a diamond-patterned painted (for want of a better word) polycarbonate back over a polycarbonate frame. In Sparkling Blue and Crystal Green (because it can be vacuum deposited onto the poly back) – the Pro 5 looks more ‘out-there’.

Both have grippy frame edges but use the clear bumper cases provided. The polycarbonate frame is one reason realme can offer better value. It is as strong as OPPO’s alloy frame but far lower cost to make.

Both have the camera bump on the top left, and it does make it ‘wobble’ when used on a desk. The bumper case fixes that.