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We’re not sure if it’s a lack of power or just a driver issue inside, but the low sounds are only here when it’s a solid punch, and usually you’ll feel that because it will tickle the side of your skull.


Despite the imbalance in the bottom end, we actually really liked the Aftershockz Bluez 2S, because while they’re not the most balanced of headsets, they deliver a really interesting sound that comes from the inside of your head.

We do need to say that they’re not to everyone’s taste, and the office was quite divided. Some liked the way these performed, and others were a little more vocal about it.

That said, we found it interesting, and very wearable. More than we expected actually, and started using it as an every day earphone, simply because once your ears are open to the world around you and yet you can still hear music on the bus, on the train, and where ever you go, it’s hard to let go.

When we want higher quality sound, we’ll return to our earphones, but if you need to listen to the outside world, the Aftershockz Bluez 2S are an intriguing proposition your head will find most curious, even if the name is a touch silly.


Review: Aftershockz Bluez 2S Bone Conduction earphones
Price (RRP): $159.95 Manufacturer: Aftershockz
Surprisingly good sound for what the technology is doing; A very unique experience: they tickle!; Decent audio, even if the bass is lacking; Kind of like wearing the future today;
Not the most attractive of headphones; You’ll look a little strange wearing them; Won’t fit all heads; Bluetooth range could be a little better; Good luck hearing bass; Audio can still seep out at high volumes;
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.9Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes