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On one 28 minute walk, the HR+ had me at an average heart rate of 113, versus 119 for the Ionic, with a peak of 137, versus the Ionic’s 131. I think the average for the BioConnected app was pulled down because I changed the display from average heart rate to current heart rate for the last eighth or so of the walk, and it settled on an unrealistically low figure of 86. And remained there, even though I intentionally jogged the rest of the way to force my heart rate up.

BioConnected had me using 187 calories versus 289 calories, but I suspect Fitbit’s algorithm includes underlying metabolic calorie burning, along with the additional stuff due to the exercise.

BioConnected had me travelling 2.60 kilometres, Ionic 2.57. That’s pretty close, as you’d expect since it’s based on the physics of GPS, not estimates subject to the physiology of individual human bodies. Finally, Bioconnected had me walking 3457 steps, while Fitbit had me only going 3315. Again, different algorithms.

Look, if you’re conducting scientific research, you’re going to be after lab grade equipment. For modestly priced consumer gear, it seems to me that both of these were close enough to the same. (Just don’t fiddle with the heartrate display mid-exercise.)

I’ve spent so much time on the measurement side of things that I’ve overlooked sound.

First, after my initial reluctance, I’ve become somewhat of a fan of fins or wings on earphones, to the point where I’m checking the boxes for some of the other earbuds I use to see if they have them. The do tend to hold the earbuds in place.

The HR+ provided a modest seal, good enough to provide a respectable bass performance and to keep out most external noise. They tended a little towards brightness, although not aggressively so. In fact, they made for a musical, enjoyable, middle of the road kind of sound that worked well when I was out and about, with plenty of volume and plenty gain.


The BioConnected  HR+ Biosensing Sports Earphones aren’t just about listening to music while you’re exercising. They are provide part of the body monitoring that allows real management of your exercise program.

Review: BioConnected HR+ Biosensing Sports Earphones
Price (RRP): $299 Manufacturer: Bioconnected
Determines your heart rate, Good app for recording exercise, Good sound quality, Solid fit of earphones to ears
Fairly expensive
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.2Overall Score
Reader Rating 7 Votes