The recording quality is good and sharp, but surprisingly it isn’t full HD. Instead it records at 720p. Perhaps this is to extend the capacity of the SD card. The typical twenty second clip consumed around two megabytes of space, with a range of 1MB to 2.4MB. The more movement, the larger the file. The format is H.264 (ie. Blu-ray format) in an MP4 container.

Even inside my very dark equipment cupboard the IR works nicely

NERD STUFF: Skip the next two paragraphs if you like. If I can believe the data on the recordings provided by the information panels in the VLC video player on my computer, the audio is in AAC format and uses a very low 16kHz sampling frequency, yet a very high bitrate of 512kbps. The video bitrate seems to run at between 300 and 900kbps, depending on the action. I’m surprised that the audio bitrate isn’t brought down to 128kbps or lower. That’s good enough quality for the great majority of MP3 music that people listen to, and AAC works better than MP3.

Since I’m me, and since the unit uses a Micro-B USB port for power, I of course plugged it into a computer to see what would happen. No, it didn’t provide the contents of the microSD card as a USB Mass Storage device. Yes, it did power up but it only worked a little. I think the power supply was marginal. The unit’s own power supply is rated at two amps output. No, it did appear in Windows Device Manager as even an unknown device, so there is no USB compatibility at all. Yes, after all that it worked properly again when I connected it back to it’s own power supply.


Despite my little rant, the unit really is simple to set up. It just needs slightly better instructions (in case things go wrong), along perhaps with a page or two about extending things further. Like, for example, if you want to be able to view through it when you’re away from your home network.

Great picture, pleasant looking, if you live in an Apple ecosystem, you’re likely to be very pleased with one or more D-Link OMNA 180 CAM HD cameras.

Review: D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD (Model DSH-C310)
Price (RRP): $329.95 Manufacturer: D-Link
Extremely easy to set up … if all works smoothly; high quality picture; auto recording; works extremely well in Apple eco-system
Need two Apple devices for remote viewing and operation; a little more information in the manual would be nice; no control buttons in app in landscape mode
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.5Overall Score
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