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There’s also a page to set actions and responses. With the smart plugs you can have the action be either the temperature or energy consumption reaching a set limit. The response can be a notification or email, or one of the other devices responding switching on or off.

Finally, what about that soft power button on each unit? That’s a manual override to switch it on or off.


It’s a pity about the connection issues. I wouldn’t let it put me off. As with many of these things, it’s usually just a matter of persisting, and doing the odd restart along the way. Once that’s done, the D-Link Smart Plugs turned out to be very effective controllers, with the unexpected benefit of monitoring and even system protection.

Review: D-Link Smart Plugs (model DSP-W215)
Price (RRP): $89.95 (for twin pack) Manufacturer: D-Link
Good scheduling facilities, good monitoring facilities, useful functionality
Somewhat flaky in setting up
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.2Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes