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A nine hour battery life? I actually got eleven hours and twenty minutes before the battery hit 5% and the computer switched off. But that was with the computer doing nothing but displaying the desktop and the expanded information on the battery from the status bar. While running on battery the screen defaults to seventy per cent brightness.

At the other extreme, I looped a 4K video in VLC and the computer switched off at around ten percent remaining battery after one hour and 53 minutes. On that one the fan was running pretty furiously the whole time. The desktop/do-nothing test was completely quiet.


Successfully competing with the various Macs on battery life is something to which Windows apparently doesn’t lend itself. These days Apple’s claiming a dozen hours of battery life for the MacBook Air, something it comes very close to actually achieving. So when you’re showing off your HP Spectre 13, you might want to just glide over battery life which, let’s face it, would be pretty impressive in any other context.

As for me, I can’t think of a better Windows notebook on the market.

NOTE: This review was originally published as a review of the Hewlett Packard Spectre 13, but I’ve been advised:

Since the split with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP is now only known as HP or HP Inc – and the Spectre is referred to as the “HP Spectre 13”.

Review: HP Spectre 13 notebook computer
Price (RRP): $2399 Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
Gorgeous styling, wonderfully thin, beautifully light weight, excellent display, good feel to keyboard
Keyboard lettering can be hard to read, USB Type-C accessories still relatively rare
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.4Overall Score
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