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In addition, in the editor, you can create pages to the left of the home page, not just to the right.

You might want to change the default wallpaper fairly early. I pulled the phone from my pocket at one point and for several seconds thought I’d somehow given the screen a stress crack, but it turned out to just be the background pattern.


As a general rule, I’ve had mixed success in transferring my basic ID details from my standard Android phone to low cost ones. And very little success in having Google manage the whole thing automatically, including installing apps and the like.

But this phone was an exception. I just used the “Setup nearby device” function in the Google setup menu, followed the prompts, and in thirty seconds the phone was busily downloading all my favourite apps, as well as getting me logged into email and such.

Left: That curved diagonal can look at lot like a cracked screen when you’re unprepared; Right: nicely editable shortcuts screen

It didn’t bring over my wallpaper or ring tone, so there was still a little configuring to do. The Micro-B USB connection allowed the phone to connect to my computer with no drama, allowing the quick transfer of the aforesaid wallpaper and ring tone.

The phone supports the OTG – On the Go – function with keyboards and mice and external USB memory, allowing them to be plugged into the Micro USB-B connection and do their stuff. However it would not work with an external DAC with any of the usual music players. So I used a special music app (USB Audio Player Pro) that can take hardware control of the Micro USB-B connection. But this only produced a very distorted noise rather than music.

Regardless, I’d try to avoid using the phone’s standard music app because it insisted on ordering music in track title order, alphabetically, rather than track number order.

While on the connectivity front, the phone was able to mirror its screen to the Miracast-compatible Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor plugged into a TV.

The WiFi hotspot function worked well. The password could be changed in the usual manner and there wasn’t a ridiculously silly default password set. In addition to using it as an access point to the 4G network, you can use the unit as an access point to a more distant WiFi access point via the WiFi bridge function.

In general the phone worked swiftly and smoothly, with just the occasional pause while things were being thought about. Not, though, a sufficient delay to cause many problems. However I suspect gamers might prefer something a little faster.

The quick shortcut menu, dragged down from the top of the screen, was editable so you can put your favourite functions close to where you need them.

The Quadrant benchmark had the overall performance of the phone at half or less than that of a modern premium model, and well below the mid-priced Samsung A5 I looked at a couple of days ago. The Huawei GR5 2017 scored 17832 overall, compared to the Samsung’s 32902.

But videos played smoothly so for regular use it was fine indeed.

The fingerprint sensor worked quickly and surely. You can record several fingers for unlocking.