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You’re not supposed to fill it up quite this much

This was more of a problem with the potato gems, although I think I may have dug in a bit early, and probably should have just left things alone after the quick shake.

There were no such problems with the salmon fillet. Following the instructions (15 minutes, 180 C), the results were perfect.

As for health, excess oil was able to drip through the holes in the bottom into the collecting tray. If excessive oil and fat levels are accumulating, you can pour out the excess through a channel left between the basket and container. But you’ll need to hold the food in place while you’re doing so.

Do remember, you can’t really mix things apart from, say, some mixed veggies. It’s mostly a one-thing-at-a-time kind of cooker.

Even when some of my potatoes stuck, clean up was easy in regular hot soapy water. No dishwashers allowed.


As with any cooking device, a little bit of experimentation and practice is required to get ideal results. But with the Kambrook Air Chef it’s easier than with many other cooking devices. I rather like it.

Review: Kambrook KAF200 Air Chef Air Fryer
Price (RRP): $169.95 Manufacturer: Kambrook
Easy to use, inexpensive, versatile, and probably health enhancing
Another appliance to fit into your cupboard!
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.4Overall Score
Reader Rating 1 Vote