It is rated to survive temperatures 50 degrees Celsius more than the boiling point of water, after all. So I copied 29 files consuming 1.12 gigabytes of files onto the drive, boiled up a pot of water, kept it simmering and dropped the drive in (with its cap on) for ten minutes. Then I dried it off, let it cool off for twenty minutes and plugged it into the computer. It looked fine. A small splash of water came out when I pulled off the cap. I thought it was just some water caught between the edge of the cap and the main section. All the files were fine. I copied them to the computer.

Not good news. Apparently you can’t boil them for ten minutes.

But the drive was very, very unwell. After a minute Windows declared that “the last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it.” I realised that some water had gotten inside and tried drying it out, but I don’t think I was very successful. I kept tapping it on a table, and still there’d be a little more fluid, even after I’d applied a hair dryer for a while.

Sometimes the drive would work for a couple of minutes. Sometimes it would require a “Scan and Repair” which sometimes failed, and sometimes got through with an all-is-fine message. But in the end, it was effectively kaput.

I’ll put it aside for a few days and try again in case somehow any remaining water might have made its way out, but I’m not hopeful. If it does recover, I’ll return here and report it.


In retrospect, I have a feeling that the 150 degree rating might have been for dry conditions. Both water and temperature together appear to have been too much for it.

That said, it did its job. I boiled the thing for ten minutes, yet afterwards I was able to get off my original gigabyte-plus of files intact. My data was safe. Only the Lexar JumpDrive Tough was wrecked. I do see that as tough.

And try doing that with any other drive.

Review: Lexar JumpDrive Tough 64GB; tested to destruction
Price (RRP): $59.95 Manufacturer: Lexar
Very tough, fast read speeds, respectable write speeds, ability to encrypt
Well, it didn’t survive my extreme abuse
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.3Overall Score
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