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The decorative cover (it’s called a “Style Cap”) is just that, with a range of finishes available. It costs $29 or $39 depending on that finish. It of course has a hole for the camera. It brings the thickness of the phone up to 7.4mm, and tends to provide greater protection to the camera lens since instead of protruding, with a cover in place it is very slightly recessed.

The Incipio offGRID Power Pack costs $119. This is a 2220mAh battery pack. Here’s how it works: when it’s attached and power is not plugged in, the phone either draws from the Incipio or from the internal battery which is immediately replenished. It’s unclear which, but the effect is the same. As time passes, the internal battery remains at 100% while the Incipio battery drains. If attached when the internal battery is not full, it gets charged up by the Incipio.

Moto Z left; Samsung Galaxy S6 right; no contest: Sammie looks real, although colour on Moto Z is slightly more accurate

The Incipio battery cannot be charged independently. It must be attached to the phone to charge. Because of the ease with which the Mods can be changed, a heavy user could take a number of these with him or her, but the recharging can only be one at a time on the phone.

It has a hole for the camera on the phone body. With the offGRID in place the phone measures 11.1mm thick.


So, just a standalone phone the Motorola Moto Z is a fine, powerful unit with an excellent screen and strong camera performance. To that we must add the options, which aren’t inexpensive, but can provide very useful enhancements to functionality. And it’s to those I will return in a few days.

Review: Motorola Moto Z smart phone
Price (RRP): $999 Manufacturer: Motorola
Attractive slim design; fine overall performance; great screen; unique Moto Mods options
No hotspot button on quick menu
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.7Overall Score
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