For some reason the disc provided with software (for updating the maps and generally managing the GPS unit) doesn’t include the MiVue Manager software which provides enhanced viewing of the videos so you have to download that from the Navman site. This software only works in a fixed window size on your computer, or blown up to full screen (in the latter mode, you don’t get the additional info-graphics). In regular viewing mode the software shows speed, position, and forces upon the car. Click a button and you can see location on a map.

The map display

The picture isn’t going to going to win any Oscars, but it was clear and the colour was bold, and there was plenty of detail. The wide angle gave a good view, although I found with the unit mounted towards the dash (the best place for the GPS function) the bottom of the picture was occupied by the bonnet of the car. You can view the camera output on the navigation screen, so that can help you position things just so.


The Navman MIVUE Drive FHD makes for a largely convenient combination of GPS car navigation and dashcam protection, available at a very reasonable price. If you need both functions, combining them in one unit makes a lot of sense.

Review: Navman MIVUE Drive FHD
Price (RRP): $299 Manufacturer: Navman
Single compact unit for both navigation and dashcam protection, inexpensive, lifetime map updates included
Touch screen can be difficult to use
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.1Overall Score
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