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All of which is me being picky about the camera in a phone which is a quarter of the price of the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8s and iPhones. In reality, the careful, thoughtful user should get respectable photos out of the Oppo A57 phone camera. And get respectable overall performance in most other ways as well.

And importantly, the phone looks and feels like an $800 one, so this is a budget phone you can use with few people even realising that it is a budget phone.

Review: Oppo A57 Smart Phone
Price (RRP): $328 Manufacturer: Oppo
Excellent value for money, looks far more expensive than it is, good screen, expandable storage
Extra swipe required to get at notifications, Silly OTG implementation, Probably not sufficient power for the latest games
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.1Overall Score
Reader Rating 1 Vote