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Low light photos were pretty poor. It didn’t seem to try very hard to boost brightness in auto mode, leaving things very dark.

Oppo A77 smart phone

Could do with pushing the brightness: Oppo A77 left, Samsung Galaxy S7 right

The “Beauty” mode seems to do a good job of identifying your face, and there iy pretties you up just a little. It softens contrast a touch so any bumps seem less prominent, and filters out some fine detail (I ended up with less stubble and almost no skin pores).

The Panorama mode adopts the modern rotate smoothly model. It covers about 270 degrees. The resulting photos were surprisingly small – between 5 and 10MB in size – I managed to get one up to 9MB –even though they were more than 12,000 pixels wide and around 3000 pixels tall. They were also a touch soft. Checking them at full resolution, I suspect there was a bit too much too much JPEG compression. Stitching was sometimes a bit iffy too, with one of them leaving the bottom one fifth corrupt and some rather wonky joining on things like power lines.


The Oppo A77 is a respectable low-to-mid-priced phone, generally with performance that fits about right in that range. What lifts it is the much richer appearance and build. And the rare ability to accommodate two SIMs plus a microSD card.

Review: Oppo A77 smart phone
Price (RRP): $448 Manufacturer: Oppo
Very nice build, Gorilla Glass 5, Dual SIM plus microSD capacity, bright and clear high resolution screen
CPU and gaming performance fairly modest for price point, unfortunate user interface design choices
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.2Overall Score
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