Clearly the software works on the right platform because there is a community of people who have used it (the same software appears to be used for all models of UBTech robots). If I was getting right into it, I’d persist and makes some compatible music (maybe my ID3 tags were the problem. Who knows?) and work my way through the system. But I’d be expect to be making an investment of a few tens of hours to master the process. Something I’m not prepared to do for the purposes of a review.


So, a robot? It looks like one, but it’s a device which is limited to programmed actions, with no decision trees throughout the program. But, then, isn’t that essentially how manufacturing robots work?

What I do know is that it looks very cool, is a lot of fun, works well with the apps, and could offer many hours of enjoyment for an enthusiast prepared to master the PC programming software.

Review: UBTech Robotics Corporation Alpha 1 Pro Artificial Intelligent Robot
Price (RRP): $899 Manufacturer: BTech Robotics Corporation
Could be quite a lot of fun; very cool looking; long battery run life
More powerful computer programming software is difficult
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.0Overall Score
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