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While it can replace traditional old-style 150W Par38 floodlights note these have about 2,600 lumens each.

Not that it is an issue, but neither are they dimmable so be careful you don’t place them where light may annoy others or reuse a light circuit that may have a dimmer switch.

LED lights do have a fixed life. I understand this is about ten years (assuming that it not used as a 25/7 floodlight replacement). If they wear out they are not user replaceable – you need a new Ring Floodlight Cam.

The camera

It has a 140-degree field of view which means some curvature of straight lines at the edges of the image.

Marketing material says it produces 1080p quality, but the best I could get was more like 480 or 720 @15fps – slow and blocky. The camera provides the best image it can based on Wi-Fi speed, internet connection and conditions at the time.

Before I blamed the camera, I looked closely at the setup. It was within 3 metres of a D-Link AC3200 dual band router, my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 had 866Mb/s rock solid connection, and the app reported an RSSI of 24 (0 is best, and 60 is maximum for 1080p) – easily enough to get 1080p.

At first, I suspected it was because the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band was so crowded in our busy office – a PC or even a microwave was affecting the signal.

After a lot of soul-searching and damning the camera quality, I found the culprit. While we have download speeds of 30Mb/s, upload speeds are terrible at around 1Mb/s – all shared by about ten staff. We can’t wait for fibre and the NBN!

So, the camera sees an image, sends it up to the Ring video cloud at <1Mb/s and it comes back blocky and pixelated to the GN8. The camera is throttled by the cloud connection speed. Ring FAQ state that at least a 2Mb/s upload is needed.

I ran the tests again after work hours, and the results are below (forgive out messy test lab).

The quality is 720p in the day and night with flood shots and 480 with Infrared.

Floodlight at night

Infrared at night – no lighting

Normal office 500 lumen lights