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As you can see, if you don’t want the lights to come on the camera has six infrared LEDs to assist with night vision.

So any recommendations are based on good upload speed. Also remember if your internet is down Ring cannot do anything because it does not have onboard storage.

That also means that while Ring can alert you to movement it cannot record it unless you have Ring cloud subscription. That also means you cannot download evidence for police either, so you have to take out a subscription.

Motion detection

The PIR (passive infrared) sensor detects movement over a 270° radius and can be fine-tuned to reduce or increase its sensitivity. You can set it to respond only to humans and ignore pets.

You can also schedule the motion sensor so that it’s active only on certain days/times.

The app allows you to create irregularly shaped motion zones (you can skirt around a tree or a flag on a pole) so that these objects won’t trigger the lights and camera.

The app – for Android, iOS and Windows

You use the app to set up the camera, motion detection zones and schedules. You can read more here.

After that, it is your gateway to real-time viewing. You receive alerts when the camera detects motion, but you won’t be able to see the video that triggered the alert.

Ring offers two subscription plans, both of which include cloud storage and video review with sharing (you can view recorded clips, download them, and share them on social media directly from the app).

The first is for one camera – $4 per month or $40 per year. The second is $15 per month or $150 per year. All cover 60 days video storage, video review and video sharing.

It is the best value as it allows for unlimited cameras – remember it is best to use cameras from the same company that use the same app. It extends the warranty from one year to the life of the product (and includes both damage and theft protection)


Two-way sound

More like one-and-a-half-way sound. There is a time lag – its length depends on Wi-Fi and Internet speeds. The lag is appreciable – you feel like saying “Rodger” after each sentence.