Bottom line – had we had this for a longer review we would have eventually found the sweet-spot for the knob. Gozney should consider putting approximate temperature markings on the dial. And we are not convinced that the temperature gauge is entirely accurate – it measures the stone temp – not the inside oven temp.

Pizza outcomes

Remember that a bad tradie blames their tools. Our first cinder pizza was burnt on the edges and underneath, leaving a thick carbon residue and rendering it inedible.

pizza 1 and two before
Pizza 1 and 2 before (note we used cafe quality pre-prepared bases)
pizza 1 after 60 seconds
Pizza 1 in 60 seconds
pizza 1 underneath
Pizza 1 underneath

Our second pizza was better – it was a thicker base with a smaller amount of topping/cheese and total cook time was about six minutes with frequent ¼-turns. It was slightly singed.

pizza 2
Pizza 2 – less is more with lower temp and frequent turns but basil is burnt to a cinder

Our third pizza was a simple Margherita (Passata, mozzarella, parmesan, fresh basil and goats’ cheese instead of buffalo mozzarella) on a thin (store-bought) crust. It took under two minutes for a perfect golden outcome – crisp, not burnt underneath and beautifully melted, golden cheese on top.

pizza 3
Pizza 3 – perfect Margherita despite using a boring store-bought base. Basil added for 10 seconds.

Other uses

This is a damned hot oven, and we suspect too hard to accurately govern at gas/electric oven temperatures up to 250°. BTW store-bought pizza cooks at up to 220° so do not try it in the Roccbox.

You may be able to fast cook home-made dough for simple flatbreads or Indian naan, roti or chapati, but we are not aware of many foods that can survive the Roccbox temperatures for baking.

Maintenance: Roccbox portable pizza oven

Once you have reached the correct temperature (and it’s stable), you can mass-produce pizzas every few minutes without having to clean the stone floor.

Once you turn it off and leave it overnight, you will see the black carbon on the stone base and around the metalwork at the mouth. All we used was a disposable sponge to clean the base and wipe off the carbon from the metalwork.

Roccbox portable pizza oven cleaning
Not too much carbon on the stone (after Pizza 3) but look at the soot on the top – it wipes off easily

You can also tilt the oven on its flat end to remove any larger detritus.

While it seems weather-resistant, it must be placed undercover in a well-ventilated spot away from too much direct sunlight.

Given construction quality, it should last for decades!

GadgetGuy’s take – I love the Roccbox portable pizza oven but not this much

If you have a lazy $899, then it is a perfect gift for a pizza lover. Once you learn how easy it is to make the dough, you will be eating pizza until the cows come home.

When you realise that Pizza ingredients cost on average around $3-5 you may decide that recouping the $899 after 50 or so pizzas is worth it.

It may even be a great add on for a  café that wants to offer pizzas (outdoor, well-ventilated use only).

But for Joe and Jane Average (that enjoy Dominos home delivery) it may be too much.