Samsung 11kg AddWash front-loader for a smarter home (review)
4.6Overall Score

Price (RRP): $1999
Manufacturer: Samsung

I connected a Samsung 11Kg AddWash front loader (WW11K8412OW) to my home Wi-Fi network using Samsung’s SmartHome App. Samsung proudly states, “Control and monitor the washing machine both at home and on the move.”

While the promise of a smart home relies on Wi-Fi connectivity, I cannot see the point with a washing machine. Dirty the clothes. Take said clothes to the washing machine. Insert, remembering to remove tissues from pockets. Select the program you always use (regardless of what you put in). Wait an hour or so for it to finish.

Does the app change this DTISW cycle? No.

Does the app magically send a minion to sort and hang the washed items? No.

Enough said. Well, no. SmartHome adds value by capturing your details in its database.

There is another app called Samsung Smart Washer for self-diagnosis of the health of the machine. But I was flummoxed by the instructions.

Samsung 11KG AddWash

“Turn power off and on then press the Smart Check button and hold for 3 seconds before 10 seconds is passed after turning the power on again.” WTF?

On with the review – Samsung 11Kg AddWash front loader (WW11K8412OW)

I wanted a larger capacity washer for my central coast waterside home – something that could hold sheets and large towels in the one wash and handle larger blankets and throw rugs etc.

I previously had a 7.5KG front loader, but it was just a little small. Samsung makes front loaders from 7.5KG to 16KG with or without integrated condenser dryers. Condenser dryers are good but add a lot of time to a cycle. A separate dryer is a better investment unless you lack laundry space.

The Samsung 11KG AddWash is a standard size of 600 (W) x 600 (D) x 850 (H) mm. It is the largest capacity to fit under a standard bench. At 76KG I am glad they sent two strong men to carry it up a flight of stairs!

So what does a washing machine have to do? GadgetGuy has a great history reviewing washing machines. Our paradigms for review include

  • Clean clothes (using the same program you always use)
  • Energy and water efficiency
  • A selection of programs including a gentle delicate/hand wash cycle for wool etc
  • Do it in a reasonable time
  • Be relatively quiet
  • Maintenance needs

Spoiler alert: I guess you can say the Samsung 11KG AddWash does it all.


Programs are simply a way of changing the number of rinses, spin speeds, soak times and length of the cycle.