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Samsung 27-inch CF591. Benefits of dual-screen, curved monitors (review)
4.8Overall Score

Price (RRP): $450
Manufacturer: Samsung

Walk into any enterprise now, and you will see dual monitors in almost every cubicle. The Samsung 27-inch CF591 curved monitor has become the staple of the business world. With good reason.

There are several issues to address in any dual monitor review.

  • Why dual monitors?
  • Why curved monitors?
  • What are they best for?
  • What to features/resolution to look for?
  • Hardware to drive them?

Rather than make this a ‘Monitor 101’ let’s answer these questions using the Samsung 27-inch CF591 (Australian website here) as a reference. This review focuses on business and home use for office productivity tasks, web surfing, and occasional TV/Movie viewing. Gamers need not read on.

Why dual monitors?

Workers are demanding more and more real estate. Be it for productivity or convenience.

According to a Jon Peddie Research survey dual monitors increase office workers productivity by an average of 30%.

According to a study by the University of Utah dual monitors save around 2.5 hours a day in performing the same tasks on a single monitor.

The sweet spot for dual monitors is a curved 27-inch, 16:9 format.


Why curved monitors?

Flat monitors are so yesterday. Place two side-by-side, and you take up a lot of desk space. Angle them at 135° (typical dual monitor setup), and you have a definite ‘V’ in the middle which is very distracting.

A 19° gently curved monitor has been proven by a Harvard University study to reduce eye-strain, blurred vision and focus issues (compared to flat monitors).


The CF591 can work in single, dual or triple monitor setups and take up less desk/cubicle space.

What are they best for?

The answer is that you can display three A4 sheets side-by-side (at 80%) or two at 120%. If you are visually impaired, ramp up the magnification as much as you need. That is real working space.

Similarly, and Excel spreadsheet can display 45 lines out to column AB – sweet.